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The Memory Machine’s goal is to bring the traditions of “reading” into the future of storytelling by creating an interactive storyworld  using emerging technology on digital devices. We, (Denise and Marissa) worked together to tell the story from two perspectives; through Anna’s view (narrative and images) and Blue’s artistic and nonverbal view (journal entries, 8mm camera lens and animated drawings.)

Another “view” that is important to the storyworld is YOUR voice. YOUR memories! YOUR ideas and dreams!

Please visit our living storyworld and share your own memories, dreams and ideas at:

www.The-Memory-Machine.com: A deeper dive into the story, its creators and how to share your ideas, memories and dreams with us.

www.Word-smashing.com: Post and share Anna’s word-smashing ideas OR share your own with us.

www.App-spirations.com: Post and share inspirational thoughts and images.

www.Blues-view.com: A website dedicated to Blue’s Autistic and artistic view of the world and story through images, illustrations and video. Discover real people just like Blue.

www.Banana-blog.com: Anna blogs about having a specially-abled brother. Meet real people just like Anna. Share your story.

www.Papa-puns.com: Ready to be the Punniest of them all!  It’s all the Puns you can get on this website. Share your puns.

More websites and social media coming soon!






If you would like to contact the creators directly, drop us an email at:




If you are interested in Public Relations and/or speaking engagements contact Alison Norrington at:


Want to know more about the “business” of our developing our storyworlds? Please take a peek at:


Or contact Denise Chapman Weston and/or Alison Norrington at: