Marissa artist photo

Marissa Garner is the comic artist and the hand behind The Memory Machine sketches. She is a child-at-heart storyteller who just happens to draw and sculpt. Her passion in life is to create stories that fully immerse an audience in fun and new ways that—ideally—provide experiences that make an emotional impact and bring people together.

After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2011, she has worked as a themed entertainment designer as well as a freelance concept and sequential artist. Most recently, she has had the privilege of learning and working with Walt Disney Imagineering as both an intern and a contractor, and has illustrated a children’s book: Pet Parade by Sunida York.

Marissa’s inspirations come from a variety of different places, comics, cartoons, theater, history, and music—and anyone who knows her can confirm that she never stops singing. But the most important one by far to her is her family who are all creative in their own way and have contributed to bringing it out in her. She is blessed to have incredibly supportive parents who have led lives that encourage her to do her best each and every day with love and integrity. She is also blessed to have amazing siblings who inspire her—a sister with a sheer amount of artistic talent and a contagious appreciation of life and a brother who shows everyone each and every day what true strength and passion is. He is the heart and soul from which Blue’s sketches were born, and she couldn’t have done this without him in her life.

Marissa grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, but currently lives in Glendale, California.