Media-Melt is an entrepreneurial collaboration that celebrates the collision of technology, interactive play and live experiences built into an evolving storyworld. At Media-Melt believe that nothing is beyond the imagination of what can be merged into story-centric experiences that combine the magic and performance of reality and fantasy – whether book, digital device, museum, emerging technology, film, animation, comic book, music, live entertainment, theme park, crowd-sourcing, social network, your backyard, toys or gaming.

Millennial young adults and their pluralist kids, have come of age  and we need to connect with them in very different ways than we did with their parents or grandparents. The art of storytelling has to change along with the platforms and devices they live in.

Media-melt’s approach is to keep the stories sustainable by constantly evolving the content–participation, interactivity and the story world experience by keeping current with emerging technologies. The spirit of the storytelling is creatively tell a story as a living adventure.

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