The Memory Machine is an interactive eBook that melts all the best mediums of storytelling into one epic adventure. With 18 Year old Anna as your narrative guide, witness how her brother with autism and grandfather suffering from ALTZHEIMERS BUILD A FANTASTICAL MACHINE in the family barn– IN the HOPE OF REPAIRING LOST MEMORIES.

Invented and written by an expert in live story-world creation (Denise Chapman Weston) and illustrated by a Disney trained artist (Marissa Garner) the novel COMES TO LIFE- LITERARY IN YOUR HANDS. The story is told from two perspectives. Through Anna’s living tale of her unbelievable summer on the farm And through Blue’s autistic, and artistic view.

With the flick of your finger, discover how a 1950’s COMIC BOOK Unlocks THE SECRETS of this family's PAST AND CHANGED THE COLLECTIVE DREAMS OF THEIR FUTURE.

Brought to you by Media-Melt Productions

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